Almost 50 years ago, the Lieu family migrated from Asia to the United States. Since then, they have owned and operated full-service restaurants in cities across the country, including Seattle, Atlanta, Athens, and Greenville.

So, where do the great flavors and tried-and-true recipes come from? The patriarch of the Lieu family handed down his amazing recipes to his eldest sons, David and Peter. Just as good brothers do, they worked together with their father to ensure success for their restaurants. Lieu Family owned and operated “Lieu’s Chinese Bistro” for twelve years on Woodruff Road, came to an end in 2014 when the family sold the business to a Korean family who has now sold the restaurant to another family. We still license the use of the name to the Woodruff Road operators, but you can only get the true Lieu’s Chinese experience and recipes at our latest concept “Lieu’s Asian Bistro” on Beacon Drive off Pelham Road which is a partnership with our friend David McCraw. The new concept is set to bring a fusion of ideas and experiences from the last 50 years.

No matter if you’re in Berea, Fountain Inn, Greer, or even Spartanburg, make the trek to Pelham Road and E. Beacon Drive to find out exactly how 50 years of experience has made our food a success!


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